Finding Wellness

This is the first article in a series that will feature tools and approaches to help you navigate your own path to wellness. Over the next few months, I will dive deeper into wellness practices and how to incorporate them into a forever lifestyle. Keep up to date with the Finding Wellness series by signing up to receive the GITC Community Newsletter.

An Introduction to Wellness

Wellness is an active practice. An active process of becoming self-aware and of making conscious choices towards a healthy, fulfilling life. A state of being that is unique to you and obtainable regardless of who you are or what you have in life. 

Wellness is the constant conscious development of the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, and social areas of your life. A positive proactive process of change and growth. 

True wellness is a choice you make for yourself. A choice that is solely dependent on you and you alone.  

You have to be your own motivator. Just like with anything real and true in life, no one can do it for you. Genuine wellness cannot be faked.

Well, I guess it can, but then you are cheating yourself..and for what? An image of wellness? An image that’s only good for a few likes on social media? 

Wellness comes from within. It is about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. It is connecting with your mind, body, and soul. It is turning inwards to find what makes your true essence radiate.

Wellness involves increasing your awareness.

  • Awareness of the effect that your environment has on you.
  • Awareness of how the people you choose to surround yourself with impact you.
  • Awareness of the impact certain foods have on you.
  • Awareness of the patterns of thought that drive your actions. 

How does one acquire a state of wellness?

Embarking on a wellness journey is a conscious process towards the development of the complete self. A journey in search of the tools needed to build a life that makes you happier and healthier.

The journey entails the discovery of finding what approaches works best for your body. What works for one person might not work for you. Everyone’s wellness solution needs to be tailored to the unique individual they are. 

You do not need ridiculously over-priced blenders, purple elixirs, or to drink celery juice every single day to find your path to wellness.

The right mindset is more valuable than any wellness product that money can buy. 

As a nutritionist, I believe that there are many health supplements that can provide genuine benefits. With that said, there is a time and place for them.

If there are certain products within your means that you find value in, by all means, use what makes you feel good. However, I am here to provide a more holistic path to wellness that is not centered around costly health products. 

Wellness can be achieved..

With deliberate intention, one small step at a time.

Why small steps?

Envisioning your end goal, and all of the steps needed to achieve it can be daunting. Trying to leap directly from A to B is a recipe for becoming overwhelmed and burnt out.

The key is focusing on incremental gains. Baby steps.

Break your larger goal up into smaller achievable goals that you can take on one step at a time.

Every micro goal that you achieve builds your confidence, boosts your motivation, and propels you to your final ultimate goal.

With a positive, mindful mindset and small, gradual steps, anyone can create a balance that is aligned for them.

Wellness Practices

The following are some actionable wellness practices that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. Everything listed here has been researched proven to have a positive impact on your well being. Keep a lookout for an in-depth guide to the ins and outs of how you can effectively execute each practice in the next coming months.

  • Eat nutritious foods
  • Make time for yourself. 
  • Feed your passions.
  • Set boundaries for yourself and for others. 
  • Foster relationships that enrich you. 
  • Move your body.
  • Love your body.
  • Journal.
  • Engage in mindfulness activities.
  • Practice daily gratitude.
  • Speak kindly to yourself and to others.
  • Follow through with your word.
  • Learn to say “no”.

Encompassing the state of wellness should not feel intimidating or seem unobtainable. I offer the above as guidelines. Ones that you can play off of to find your own path to wellness. 



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