Heya! I’m Catherine! 

A Chicago dweller, coffee inhaler, health & wellness lover, wanna-be writer, and nutrition consultant in the making. Welcome to my little corner of health and wellness.

I am currently finishing up my qualifications as a nutrition consultant and have created this little sanctuary to help motivate myself and others to become more mindful about everything in life.

In here, you will find nutrition tidbits, recipes, Chicago happenin’s, random ginger thoughts, and a whole lot of feel-good positive vibes. This is a collage of everything I have learned (and still am learning) through the trials and errors I have experienced throughout my life.

All the recipes that will be found on here will contain not only the ingredients used to create them but also why and how they are so beneficial for your health. The more you know and understand about what you are putting into your body the more apt you are to make consistent health-conscious choices.

To top it off, you will find a sprinkling of ginger thoughts aimed to provide insight and inspiration to help you find your own path to wellness.  

At the end of the day, this is not just another health website. My goal is to create a sense of community to ignite our inner drive in a space that provides warmth, comfort, and acceptance for everyone. 

It’s you. It’s me. We are in this together.

It is OKAY if you don’t have your whole life mapped out. As long as you stay dedicated to being true to yourself, you are heading in the right direction.

 Let’s live our best lives. Simply. 

XO – Catherine


On any given day..

You can find me cozied up in my apartment with a cup of coffee. Listening to a record while strumming a chord or two on my guitar.  Getting my workout on at the gym. Or perhaps, roaming the aisles of Trader Joes in preparation to make a mess in my tiny kitchen. If the sun is out, you can find strolling along the beautiful lakefront of Lake Michigan. And when the mood strikes, I have been known to bust a move or two (with or without music). 

Where ever you may spot me, I will most definitely be smiling and laughing at my own jokes. Come say hi!