I have some BIG news coming to the website! 

Are you ready for it?

No, like…are you really really ready for it?





Drumroll please……





Ginger in the City is changing names!


Yepp, you read that correctly. GITC is getting a new name!

This may come as a shock to some of you, seeing as I just launched GingerintheCity.com…

But, what many of you do not know, is although the .com was just launched, GITC was born in late 2017. 

From the moment of creation, GITC sparked the fire of motivation within myself to become the person I am today.

Over those 18 months, Ginger in the City changed, as I myself have changed.

GITC started out as an idea of a platform where I could help inspire and show others that one can still live their best life, even if they don’t have everything perfectly lined up or figured out by X age. (This was something I struggled with for most of my twenties.)

I created the Instagram account in early 2018, shortly after registering for the domain name, as I wanted to build an online presence and brand identity while I took the time to build the website.

The funny thing is, as soon as I decided to create GITC to help motivate others to follow their passion and break free from the typical society timeline, the path to study nutrition fell into my lap. 

Because of this, because I took that scary jump to follow my own passion, I started to transform into the woman I am now. I went face to face with my life and began to make changes to better myself and figure out my future.

I started to embrace and appreciate all of my quirks and flaws. I cut negative energies out of my life. I finally became unapologetically me, and I made it my mission to encourage others to do the same.

I found a new creative side to myself by integrating my passion for nutrition, health, and wellness into my content.

Looking back at it, GITC encouraged me to be the best version of myself.

It was a remarkable feeling! 

2018 came and went and I was a new woman by the end of it.

I now have my head on straight, big goals in my grasp, a load of new responsibilities, and new friends at my side.

I have never felt better.

But Why the Change?

What many of you also do not know, is that I actually wanted to change Ginger in the City prior to the launch.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE GITC. I will forever be the ginger in the city.

While a great personality, Ginger in the City doesn’t read “nutrition” or “health and wellness”. It doesn’t encompass all that I have and want to share with the world. 

After talking with family, friends, and my marketing advisor (shoutout to my favorite Canadian), I decided to stay with GITC through the launch.

  1. Because I had already built up the launch around that name.
  2. Because I had no other set name that I was in love with.

Fast Forward>One Month Post Launch

As I write this, I am a few weeks into this blogging world, which I LOVE! 

On top of keeping the site fresh, I am also in the middle of preparing for midterms. Part of this prep is starting to put together my business portfolio for my final project.

For the past year, I have been laying down the groundwork (the soil, as I call it) for my future business as a nutrition consultant and health and wellness advisor.

Now, I am planting the seeds. Thinking more about my business, my brand, and how I want it to be presented to the world. 

Ginger in the City, while cute and quirky, doesn’t fit with the more professional nutritionist vibe that I am going for, ya know?

With my business portfolio outline done and ready to be turned in, all that I was missing was the name.

I spent a few days pondering what I wanted this business to be called.  I came up with a few catchy ideas, but none that felt right……

The right name came to me at the most random time. I was roaming the aisles of Whole Foods when I came across a bottle of hair root spray. 

If this were a tv show, a light bulb would have popped up over my head at that moment.

Ginger Root? I thought..


Ginger & Root?…

Yes! That was it!

I instantly felt a connection to it. I remembering thinking that this must be what brides feel when they’ve finally found “the dress”.

It just feels right.

So, ladies and gents, it is my honor to introduce you to..

Ginger. Because well, you know…



-The part of a plant which attaches to the ground for support, conveying water and nourishment to the rest of the plant.

-The stem to all the deliciousness that I believe provides us with pure nourishment and encourage everyone to fill their diets with more of. 

-The foundation of who we are, where we come from. Our ancestry. Our genes. (Which has much more to do with what goes on within our bodies than many people know.)

-The base of ourselves. Because no matter how much we change over the years, we are still firmly rooted in ourselves. Like roots of plants and trees are rooted in the ground. Growing, living, thriving. 

Our roots make us who we are. They are everything we are; our thoughts, our bodies, our cells.

A Sudden Change

To be honest, I was going to wait until after I graduated (early 2020) to make the switch. 

However, I did some research and it was a broad consensus that if you are going to change your brand name and website, you should do it right away. The sooner, the better. As one blogger had put it,

“Change your name early in the game. If you think you want to change your blog’s name, do it sooner rather than later. When you’ve established an entire brand or identity around your blog, it’s harder to change that when you have 1500 posts instead of 500. Tell your readers as soon as possible.”

So ladies and gents, here I am, making the switch. Early in the game.

It may seem like it is coming out of the blue, but I guess this is what following your gut is like.

Sometimes it’s a random thought that instantly pulls you full speed ahead. You know that it’s right when everything lines up perfectly to make it happen.

What does this means, exactly?

All this means is that the name of my social media accounts, website, and the website domain (the www.***.com that you put into your web browser) will change.

Everything else, from my mission to the content, will stay the same.

I am SO incredibly excited for what is to come for Ginger & Root!

I have big dreams and plans! (Maybe one day a Ginger & Root cafe. Or a line of all natural products. Or maybe, quite possibly, a kombucha brand…)

Regardless of where Ginger & Root ends up, I am so thankful and happy to have you all on this journey with me.


Thank you all of your continuous support, love, and encouragement! 




**For those of you wondering, Ginger in the City will still be the title of my monthly column in the Irish American Newspaper. I will also be keeping the gingerinthecity.com domain, but it will just redirect to gingerandroot.com!

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