5 Apps You Need in the City

Phone applications (apps) have exploded exponentially over the past few years.

Need a date? There’s an app for that. Ran out of snacks while hosting a party? There’s an app for that too. We can send money in a second. Shop for basically anything and have it delivered in two days or less.

We can talk face to face (screen to screen) with a loved one on the other side of the world. With just a few clicks, we can order a 4-course meal from any spot across town.

And now, you can even have wine delivered to your doorstep. Sayy whaaa? We really do have the world at our fingertips.

Although I do prefer to not rely so heavily on my phone, I have to admit, there are a few apps that I do have that come in handy, quite often.

These 5 apps will save you time and a few will even save you some moola. All of these have websites, which will be listed below. However, for the easiest use and accessibility of each, I would suggest downloading the apps to your phone.


1.) Getaround

First on the list is a new favorite of mine. It’s called Getaround. An app (or website www.getaround.com) where you can borrow other people’s cars.

For someone who ditched her car a year after moving to the city, this app has come in handy a few times! I like to think of it as an Air BnB for vehicles!

I have used Getaround  many times and have borrowed vehicles of all shapes and sized. For an overnight adventure to Madison, I borrowed a gas-efficient Honda Civic. When I needed to pick up a new couch, I borrowed an F-150 pick up. For a few errands around town, I’ve borrowed a Prius, a Nissan Sentra, and a Corolla.

It is quick and easy to use the app/website; just put in your address, date and time when needed.  All the vehicles that are up to rent (borrow) around your area pop up, making it easy to shop around for the best price. Use the app to unlock the car- and voila, you are on your way! (You do need a valid drivers license-the app will scan it and keep it on record)

Use this code for $20 off : https://www.getaround.com/invite/10100149994018097


2.) Parkwhiz/SpotHero

While you have this handy Getaround vehicle, you may need a place to park it..Which brings me to my second and third favorite apps on my list!

They are two separate companies but have the same purpose; finding you a cheap parking spot. Which, in the city, we all know this can be an expensive hassle.

Whether in a covered garage or a lot, you can search and find a spot for up to 50% cheaper than if you were to purchase one from the garage/lot itself. When on the hunt for a spot, I like to check both of these apps and compare prices.  Not only does it save you cash, but it also saves you the hassle of trying to find a spot.

The two apps are called SpotHero & ParkWhiz – www.SpotHero.com & www.ParkWhiz.com

Use this code for $5 off ParkWhiz : http://ssqt.co/m5ectRm


3.) Groupon

My next favorite app is one that you may have heard of and even used before, Groupon! Yes, that Groupon!

From renting kayaks, to a boat, to finding tickets to the hottest summer festivals, Groupon really does have it all! Anytime I am looking for something new and adventurous to do (or even something as calming and relaxing as getting a massage), I always always check what Groupon has first!

The best thing about Groupon is that it is all over the world! Going on a trip? Check out Groupon to see what adventures you can save on! I personally have saved quite a bit on hotels all over the country with Groupon! My mom and stepdad hit the jackpot when they found a cheap trip to Greece this past fall!

Use this code for $10 off Groupon : https://www.groupon.com/visitor_referral/h/bae3d534-1b6b-4b59-9b4d-51fbd89b63bf


4.) OpenTable

For all of you food lovers out there who hate waiting in line for a table, I highly suggest downloading the OpenTable app (or use the website www.opentable.com).

Not only can you make reservations for restaurants that are nearly impossible to get into, you also rack up dining reward points every time you do! Over time, the points add up until you hit certain levels where you then can cash them in for gift cards that you can use on future dining experiences (OR you can opt for an Amazon gift card!)!

Getting rewarded for something as simple as making a reservation? Now that’s what I’m talking about!


5.) Transit

Last but not least, do you have the Transit app?

Even though I pride myself in knowing the city quite well, there are still a few areas and places I need help navigating around.

This handy little app is great if you are unsure what bus and/or line to take when heading to a new destination. Or if you are searching for an alternative route than your usual. It is the best real-time transit app I have ever used.

You simply put in your destination, the time you want to leave or arrive by, and viola! It will give you a list of all the best ways to get there plus the timing on when you should leave your house (which is always spot on).




*Disclaimer, I am not paid by any of these companies to share them with you. These are my personal favorites that I think everyone should know about! However, for a few of these, I do get a credit when you use my code, just like you get one!

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